100wc but they were exhausted

The scorching heat was burning a bit of my skin off. I had the hardest job yet, walking home from school. This was obviously the worst. Walking in the sun, having the strangers trying to kidnap you, all that stuff. I decided to take a seat on the curb, whipping the sweat off my brow. Hoping that home was less further than it already. I tried to use my legs to get up. But they were exhausted. How else would I get home? Crawl? Nah. Should I call home? I don’t have a phone. This will not be the best.


  1. Hi Charley,
    You should ask your parents to get you a phone,
    I wonder what happened later,
    I like the way that you complain so much about the sun and I would love it,
    Mrs Boyce's class.

  2. Hi Charley
    I think you used your imagination and came up with a great story.
    This reminds me of a time when I was in Italy and I had to walk a lot in the heat.
    Why don't you have a phone?
    Bye from Matthew D
    Mrs Boyce's class

  3. Hi Charley,
    I loved the way you started your story by using- the scorching sun was burning a bit of my skin off.
    I walk home every day and believe me I know what you mean.
    You gave good suggestions on how to get home and none of them would work except for walking,
    From Naglis
    Mrs Boyce's Class

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  4. Hi Charley,
    Your story made me laugh. I have to walk home from school tonight and and it will be thirty four degrees. So i hope that my legs work so I don't have to crawl home.
    from Zach Australia

  5. Hi Charley, your story was great, you added so much detail, that made me understand so much easier. One part of your story didn't make sense, Hoping that home was less further than it already. Maybe there is a word missing or something, Other than that great job


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